Break Schedule

Group breaks will break once they fill. A break is full when all the teams for that break are sold. We may also conduct live fillers in which the remaining teams in the break are averaged out and anyone who would like can join live to request a random team of the remaining teams at that price. 

We are live on YouTube don't worry if you miss the break live we upload all of our breaks to our YouTube channel with the video title being the name of the break you were in. 


What is a group break?

A group break is a popular cost effective way for some to get more exposure through multiple boxes/cases of a product for the team they are most interested in. Each group break will have all the teams of that sport available for purchase. You pick the team that you would like for that break and whatever cards come from the boxes of that break that belong to your team will be shipped to you . We ship all Rookies, Inserts, and Stars.  Vet base cards can be shipped by request. If you collect base cards please send us a message and we will ship them all to you and then some otherwise they are donated to a local Youth Foundation. 

Another popular format is random team Break. In this format rather than choosing your team for that break you purchase a spot which represent a random team. Once all spots are sold the applicable team names and participants names are randomized and you receive the team which coincides with your placement in the randomized list. 


Every group break that we have offers free USPS first class shipping. If you determine that you would like a more expedited service or require insurance we would be happy to accommodate your request so long as you contact us and pay us for the increase in service or additional insurance. 

Personal boxes opened live also offer free USPS first class shipping. If you would like a personal box shipped sealed to you we do require an additional $5 to ship as it does cost more to ship the box sold as opposed to opening the box and sending you the cards. Please contact [email protected] to inquire about having sealed personal boxes shipped to you. 


What products do you have available?

Our website is constantly changing based on our current inventory and break status. Check in regularly, follow us on any social media, or create an account with your email to stay informed on our newest inventory and breaks. 

If there's a specific product you are interested in that you don't see you can email us and chances are we can get it for you in a timely manner.